Warehousing service is an integral part of the freight forwarding and logistics system. If logistics is the connector between product and market, warehousing is the bridge link between producer and customer in the transportation industry. For DHAL, a warehouse is not only a place to store goods between trips but also a place to protect the quality of goods, eliminating risks from environmental, geographical, and human impacts.


A qualified warehousing service at DHAL always fulfilling the following criteria:


1. Suitable for each type of goods: raw material, work-in-process, finished products


2. In accordance with the nature and storage requirements of the goods: general warehouse, frozen warehouse, bonded warehouse, etc.)


3. Clear contract, ensuring safety and prestige throughout the storage time


4. Reasonable and competitive cost

Your key benefits


Warrant and protect goods condition in between shipments, maximising reducing risk from natural and human damaged


Various warehouse options suitable for each type of goods and storage conditions


Useful for goods with longer layover time, waiting for import-export documents or storage before handling to receiver

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