As a customs agent, we always ensure that all customs clearance procedures are updated and handled thoroughly and accurately as required by law. As a logistics partner, we understand that customs procedures are an essential link in the chain of activities related to your company's production, business, and trade. For that reason, DHAL provides convenient, simple, complete, and guaranteed customs clearance services for import and export goods at the most reasonable cost to help your business process run smoothly. Our services include:


1. Professional customs clearance service suitable for each type of business, import and export. Implement all kinds of documents related to customs clearance activities to help your company synchronize processes and procedures between relevant departments


2. Professional customs clearance consulting services based on experience and in-depth understanding of goods categories, types of import and export, bilateral/multilateral trade agreements, and separate request processes


Especially, we provide a full package service at a reasonable price with alternative processes suitable for each scale, type of operation and industry. Ensure peace of mind about procedures and legality after customs clearance.

Your key benefits


Promises an excellent experience for all of our clients


Providing a full-service package, maximising cost and time efficiency and convenience during the process


Our devoted and skilful teams are always ready to serve

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